About Finnish National Insignia

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Please contact: sff_esso@skyfellows.com

Sky Fellows of Finland (SFF) is a flight squadron that consists of grown-up gentlemen curving in the virtual sky in WWII planes.

Our squadron was founded in the slipstream of Finnish Fun Fliers that was disbanded in the spring of 2006. At present, SFF consists of nine pilots that live in all corners of Finland, from the Helsinki region to the Arctic Circle.

Our average age is over 40.

In virtual wars, we normally fly on the Axis side but we may also choose to support Allied operations every now and then.

Our activities and operations are guided by our shared enthusiasm for aviation and, first and foremost, our burning interest in the aviation history of WWII.

In all our activities, we respect our enemies and stick to the principles of fair play. Despite our inevitably increasing wrinkles and gray hair, we will never become too grown-up to fly!

The squadron exercises on Wednesday evenings when all pilots attempt to be online to finetune their Web-flying skills and air combat techniques together. In summer, our other hobbies somewhat compete for our time, but in autumn and winter we like to spend as much time as we can on online wars.

Our squadron is willing to co-operate with corresponding Finnish and foreign squadrons, with no need to take definite sides. This may include target-oriented combat flying, joint exercises or even challenge games.